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Quasar Science Q-Lion 3X1 LED Kit

More LEDs, please!

$55 per day

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The Q-Lion 3×1 Lithium-Ion Battery LED Kit is a portable lighting solution in a kit that is ready to travel wherever the job takes you. The kit contains three LED tube lights (2’, 1’, 7”), making up a versatile three-point lighting set. Each light has an integrated lithium-ion battery, so you can set the lights up in minutes without having to string power cables to connect external batteries. The LED tubes offer three selectable color temperatures (300K, 4300K, 5600K) and simple stepped dimming using one easy-to-use control button.

The built-in battery indicator shows your charge status at a glance, and if you’re running low on charge, the Q-Lion LED tubes can also be connected to the charger and operated while charging.

The kit includes Baby Pin adapters for mounting on a C-Stand or Gobo Head and each tube also has magnetic backings, giving you additional rigging options.

  • Q20LS 24" Q-Lion Battery LED Lamp
  • Q10LS 12" Q-Lion Battery LED Lamp
  • Q5LS 7" Q-Lion Battery LED Lamp
  • 3x Charging Cable & Adapters
  • 3x Baby Pin Adapters