Your Gear List

You’ll have the option to change your gear before your rental is finalized, but this gives us a good starting point.

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Real World Production Experience

This is gear we use day-in and day-out. We're not just buying gear to rent - we know what works and what’s successful. Everything we rent has been field-tested, is in amazing shape, and we know it's reliable. If you need help putting a package together, we're happy to give you some suggestions.

Kits Or A La Carte

You have the option to rent kits that we've put together, with everything you'll need for that particular package, or rent specific items as needed. We put kits together based on the combination of gear we use all the time, so we’re constantly adding adapters and accessories that'll make your life easier.

Let’s do this

We start each rental by talking to you about your project. This way, we make sure you’ve got everything you need to get the job done perfectly, and we can recommend other gear we love that might make your life easier. Start by creating a Gear List or just skip right to emailing us to start the conversation.