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PMI SmokeGENIE Pro Kit

$35 per day

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The SmokeGENIE Professional kit is an all-in-one, handheld device that provides instant smoke anywhere, anytime. Quickly haze up a room to create a cinematic atmosphere or use it outdoors for productions with harsh shooting conditions. With a total of 25 different power modes, the SmokeGENIE enables you to create unique types of smoke, including dense fog, atmospheric haze, liquid smoke that behaves like dry ice, steam-like jet pulses, stationary clouds, and more. SmokeGENIE’s size allows for placement in the smallest and tightest places. Decide exactly where you want your smoke and use the remote for hands-off operation to achieve visually striking effects. The SmokeGENIE Cloud Formula Fluid is safe, odorless, eco-friendly, and based on food-grade formation.

Cinematic haze with long hang time: 10 to 15 minutes (with ventilation), 30 to 35 minutes (without ventilation). One full fluid tank makes 10 minutes of smoke.

  • SmokeGENIE Handheld Smoke Device
  • Wireless Remote
  • (2) Atomizing Smoke Chamber
  • Heat Shield
  • Fan Dock
  • Haze Fan Adapter
  • Extension Tube & Nozzle Attachments
  • (3) 18650 Li-Ion Battery
  • USB to USB-C Charging Cable