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Camera Cart Magliner Sr

$85 per day

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Once you cart, you never not-cart. I think that’s how that goes.

This cart comes with a removable 24″ x 48″ top shelf and a 24″ x 48″ attached bottom shelf.

The 8″ tires which come with the famous Backstage wheel conversion kit are also 4-ply tube-type, but rated for a 295 pound load factor…that’s over a 1290 pound capacity total. They are also removable.

Please note that the top shelf is limited to a 200 pound capacity.

The “U” bar with is removable and stows horizontally, so that you can use the cart as a two-wheel hand truck. The 30″ Heavy-duty double-riveted nose lays flat on the lower shelf when not in use. The top shelf removes easily and can be stowed with two bungee cords for local transport.

  • Magliner Camera Cart (Senior)
  • (2) Bungee Cords
  • Tripod Mount
  • * Mitchell and Euroball Mounts available by request (+$15)
  • ** Want to spice things up a bit and impress all your friends on set? Add a RoboCup! (+$2)