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Iron Glass Vintage Soviet Lens Set (6 Lenses)

$485 per day

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Iron Glass have developed lenses to deliver the the look, feel and characteristics of Panavision C Series anamorphic lenses from the 1970s. The lenses provides all the characteristics of these classic Panavision C series lenses, like: oval bokeh, blue horizontal flares, very narrow depth of field, soft warm skin tones, blooming highlights.

The lenses cover full-frame sensors and are custom modified and designed by Iron Glass lenses using Russian KMZ spherical lenses which have been modified with new internal coatings to the lens body, new oval fixed aperture and flare creator all inside the lens between the lens elements.

These modified lenses are spherical and let you shoot the classic anamorphic look without having to de- squeeze the anamorphic image in post production, simply add 1:2.35 aspect ratio black bars in post production.

  • MIR-20 20mm T3.5 (PL)
  • MIR-10A 28mm T3.5 (PL)
  • MIR-1V 37mm T2.8 (PL)
  • HELIOS 44-2 58mm T2.0 (PL)
  • JUPITER-9 85mm T2.0 (PL)
  • TAIR-11A 135mm T2.8 (PL)
  • Iron Glass EF- to PL-Mount Lens Adapter