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Hollyland Solidcom C1 Kit (6 Headsets)

$150 per day

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The Solidcom C1 full-duplex wireless intercom headset system is Hollyland’s first true wireless and self-contained headset communication solution with exceptional sound clarity. The system operates in the 1.9GHz band, providing a reliable transmission range up to 1,100ft (350m) radius (LOS).

Hands-free operation maximizes team productivity. Each headset is designed with a dual-antenna diversity scheme that reinforces anti-interference capability, guaranteeing secured and constant team communication in complex environments. With no belt pack or base station, it offers a highly portable and hands-free coordinating experience for media production teams or any team looking for real-time non-blocking voice communication in socially distanced working scenarios.

Supporting a Wideband frequency response from 150Hz to 7KHz and premium AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) performance, the Solidcom C1 intercom headsets ensure authentic and clear audio quality for effective teamwork. Equipped with a directional microphone that captures the speaker’s voice precisely while minimizing unwanted noise, the system renders an effortless conversation experience even in noisy environments.

The transceiver built into the Solidcom C1 master headset creates a reliable wireless communication radius up to 1,100ft(350m). The team can keep connected and move freely at a major event, filming site, or mass area operation.

  • Solidcom C1 Master Headset
  • (5) Solidcom C1 Remote Headsets
  • (12) HL-BAT700 Batteries
  • Battery Charger