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Gorilla Filmmaking T-Shirt


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  • Listen, we get it. You’re a badass and you love renting gear from CFR. But does your neighbor know? Does that lady at Chipotle know (the one that’s kinda skimps on the serving sizes)? Do your parents know?This is your opportunity to put your money where your mouth is and proudly show off your love of being a badass and renting at CFR with a limited run, custom designed and comfortable AF Comfort Colors heavyweight cotton tee.Heads will turn as you walk into any room, chest puffed up with pride, a cool swagger to your steps. “Hot damn” you’ll hear from the back of the room. “Some guys have it all” you’ll hear from the old man holding the door for you. “That badass rents!” will be on everyone’s mind.Designed by the great David Paul Seymour and printed with love in Charlotte, NC by our friends at Ink Floyd.*** limited quantity, subject to availability.***Free local pickup or $5 flat fee for domestic shipping.Please include the following information on your contact request form:

– Preferred size: S (SOLD OUT), M (SOLD OUT), L (SOLD OUT), XL, 2XL, or 3XL

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