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Dodge RAM ProMaster 2500

Worth the compliments you'll receive from random strangers on your way to set.

$200 per day

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We’ve all been there. You book the job, you rent the gear, you pull up to set in your Honda Fit (nothing but love for the Fit, the Fit is Go!) and you spend the first hour of your day un-Tetrising c-stands and pelican cases out of your hatchback. Meanwhile, Gary the Grip pulls up with his fancy van, makes himself some coffee and wheels out his cart.

Some folks have it all.

Why shouldn’t you be able to pull up two minutes before call and effortlessly roll your gear out of a beautiful van while client does a double take and nods in approval?

Now you can. Get the gig, get the gear and pull up in style.

Our 2021 Dodge RAM ProMaster High Top Extended is ready to go. From the inside out, it was built out to make you look good and help you do your job.

The interior features 13’ of Cargo Length 6’3” worth of cargo width and a height of over 6’. On top of all this empty space our Promaster was built out with Ranger Design foldable shelves, giving you the option of organizing on the shelves, or folding them up to make room for carts, cases or whatever else production might call for.

  • 2021 Dodge RAM ProMaster 2500 High Top Extended
  • 4x Retractable Ratchet Straps
  • Cargo Ramp
  • 2x Folding Storage Shelves
  • LED Lighting in Cargo Area