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Combining the compact size and low weight of the popular ALEXA Mini with the large-format ALEXA LF sensor, ALEXA Mini LF brings exciting new creative possibilities to ARRI’s large-format camera system. With the software update 7.0, the Mini LF can now be universally used for large format and Super 35 productions.

Optimized for large-format lenses, the LPL lens mount fitted to the ALEXA Mini LF camera accepts ARRI Signature Primes and Zooms, ARRI Rental DNA LF and 65 format optics, and third-party LPL lenses. The included PL-to-LPL adapter offers backwards compatibility with all PL mount lenses (Super 35 or full frame).

The ALEXA Mini LF uses the same sensor as the ALEXA LF. This is the ALEV 3 A2X sensor, which has the same photosite size and type as ARRI Super 35 digital cameras. The ALEX 3 A2X has 4448 x 3096 photosites and measures 36.70×25.54 mm / 1.444×1.005″ and requires a 44.71 mm / 1.760″ image circle.

The ALEXA Mini LF has the same dimensions and the same mounting points as the ALEXA Mini, except for the media bay on the camera left side. The ALEXA Mini LF camera body with an LPL lens mount weighs 5.7 lbs. The ALEXA Mini LF MVF-2 viewfinder weighs 1.7 lbs.

The ALEXA Mini LF has an input voltage range from 11 V to 34 V. Therefore, it can be easily powered by any 12 V on-board battery as well as by a 24 V on-board battery. The ALEXA Mini LF has a power draw slightly higher than the ALEXA Mini, at around 65 W when recording ARRIRAW at 24 fps with the MVF-2 viewfinder connected.

The ALEXA Mini LF uses Codex Compact Drive 1 TB. The Compact Drive has been specifically designed for the small form factor of the ALEXA Mini LF, using new flash technology in a miniaturized tough enclosure. Both ARRIRAW and Apple ProRes recording can utilize the drive’s full recording capacity of 960 GB. The drive will be formatted by the ALEXA Mini LF in the UDF format for ARRIRAW and ProRes, so both ARRIRAW and ProRes can be recorded on the same media without reformatting or switching drives. The drive offers sustained write rates of up to 8 Gb/s.

  • ALEXA Mini LF Camera Body
  • LPL Lens Mount
  • LPL-to-PL Lens Adapter
  • MVF-2 HD OLED Viewfinder & Cables
  • CCH-2 Center Camera Handle
  • MSB-2 Mini Side Bracket
  • MSB-3 Mini Side Bracket
  • MAP-2A Mini Adapter Plate
  • CBP-1 Compact Bridge Plate
  • 15mm LWS Adapter for CBP
  • RAB-1 Rear Accessory Bracket
  • RAB-1 Clamp 2
  • RMB-3 Rod Mounting Bracket
  • Swivel Antenna
  • Dovetail (12")
  • Wooden Camera 24V Power Supply
  • (2) 19mm Rods (12”)
  • (2) 15mm Rods (10")
  • (3) ARRI Codex Compact Drives (1TB)
  • Codex Compact Drive Reader
  • Gold Mount Power Splitting Box Mk II
  • (2) BlueShape Granite Mini 95wh Batteries (Gold Mount)
  • Blueshape Granite Mini 140wh Battery (Gold Mount)
  • Blueshape Dual Gold-Mount Battery Charger