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NanoLockit Wireless Timecode Kit

$80 per day

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The matchbox-sized NanoLockit from Ambient Recording is a highly accurate and easy-to-use timecode generator which allows you to wirelessly sync timecode and framerate between devices such as DSLRs, film cameras or audio recorders. Synced devices enable you to generate clips that can be quickly auto-conformed in professional editing software, streamlining your post-production workflow.

The NanoLockit lets you generate timecode at all framerates using the built-in Real Time Clock (RTC), or jam-sync other units by feeding in external timecode via the 5-pin LEMO connector. Syncing up is a one button experience as the unit self-configures and the framerate is set automatically when jammed.

Timecode and metadata are transmitted via the proprietary 2.4 GHz, ACN long-range radio network, making the unit compatible with all other ACN Lockit devices. Power is provided externally via the micro-USB port or by the rechargeable battery, which provides 35+ hours of operation on a full charge. With its sturdy aluminum body and locking LEMO connector, the NanoLockit is well equipped to withstand the prolonged rigors of on-set use.

  • 4x NanoLockit Wireless Timecode Boxes
  • 5-Pin Lemo to BNC IN
  • 5-Pin Lemo to BNC OUT
  • 2x 5-Pin Lemo To 5 Pin Lemo Right Angle
  • 3x 5-Pin Lemo to Audio Jack
  • USB Battery Pack